About Us

About New Albany Urology

Dr. Bernstein established New Albany Urology in 2003 after becoming discouraged with the “factory medicine” encouraged by the administration of large clinics.  At New Albany Urology we strive to treat the whole patient not just their symptom or disease.

Dr. Bernstein is a Board Certified Urologist and has completed over 13 years of training including college, medical school, and specialty urologic training.

Dr. Bernstein and his entire staff will provide you with the time and understanding necessary to help you determine the best treatment solutions to help improve or eliminate your urologic condition.


Our Core Values

Quality and Compassionate Care

  • Promote understanding and support for appropriate treatment and care among patients, family and caregivers.
  • Be responsive and sensitive to our patient's questions, concerns and individual needs.
  • Keep patients informed about what is happening in their treatment and why.

Honesty, Integrity and Respect

  • Be forthright and truthful in all our actions and words.
  • Treat everyone as an individual, valuing differences and unique contributions.
  • Treat all with dignity and professionalism.
  • Never offer a medication or treatment if it won’t improve the patient’s symptoms or condition.

Passion and Pride in What We Do

  • Take personal responsibility to make things better every day.
  • Continually expand knowledge and hone skills.
  • Keep up with the latest medical diagnostic technology and surgical techniques.
  • Never recommend a medication or treatment just because it is “new”.
  • Always take into account the patient’s individual condition, financial situation and desired outcome before recommending a medication or treatment.
  • Get involved, be creative and take initiative.

Teamwork and Unity

  • Be positive, enjoy others, celebrate life and share laughter.
  • Recognize each other for exceptional service.
  • Support group planning and individual responsibility as part of a team.
  • Listen and communicate openly.